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Our body is the temple of our spirit

The spirit of our body shows as a hand lovingly holds up a beautiful sprig of fresh green leaves.

Our body is made of flesh and blood,
but it is not only physical.  It is spiritual. 
When you reach out and touch someone
it is not just your hand that touches them.
It is your heart and soul.
Your hand is bringing your spirit forward,
reaching out and connecting with that person.

As the Bible teaches
Your body is the temple of the holy spirit.
Our body is a gift from God.
A loving gift to each one of us.
It houses and channels and expresses our life spirit.
Let us be thankful for our body.

Our separation from our body

We often think of our body as
if it were something separate from ourselves.
When we don’t like how we look, we say: “I can’t stand my body!”
or even “I hate my body!”
But our body isn’t some separate object,
apart from who we are.
It isn’t some big lump over there in the mirror, 
available to be ridiculed and dissed
and turned into an object of contempt.
Our body is US!
We ARE our body.
Our body, mind and spirit are ONE.
Like America.

And all our dimensions 
must be honored
and never set against each other.
When we need to improve a dimension
of ourselves or our country
we will do it with love, not contempt.


Our body is a miracle!
Our earth also is a miracle.
A miraculous gift from God
to us and to all life forms who share it.
Just as we humans are finally awakening 
to the urgent fact
that we must honor our beloved earth,
so also we need to awaken
to our urgent need
to honor our precious bodies.

What does it mean to honor our body?

To honor our body means  
to take loving care of our health and safety every day.
Not once in a while.
Not just the first weeks of the New Year.
Not just when we feel like it.
Not just on weekdays, and so what on weekends.

Every day,
from wake up time to tuck-in time,
we need to take loving care of ourselves 
the way we would care for our own baby.
Because we are our baby,
and our baby needs us.

Our health and safety

Honoring our body means to build our body healthy, lean and strong,
and to put no harmful substances into it.
Honoring our body means to take no unnecessary risks.

When you are ready and willing to move forward
in honoring the health and safety of your body,
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Each step you take to honor your precious body
will build up your strength and your freedom.
We can DO this.
I am with you every step of the way!

Dr. Hall