where a man can build his strength and freedom

Shall we dive deep,or stay in the shallow end of life?

The photo shows a young man with a deep interest in a book as he is surrounded by shelves of books.

I am afraid of deep water, the kind in a lake.
But I love to explore the deep aspects of life.
I love to ask myself a tough question
then keep going down till I get to the bottom of it.
When I meet a person I don’t understand
I keep reaching deeper till I find common ground.

How about you?
Are you a deep dive kind of person?

If you’re not, do you want to be?
Do you want to become able to explore and develop
what is most important to you in life
and connect deeply with the people you care about?

The internet

These days, we all spend a lot of time on the internet.
Spending time online has a reputation for meaning
that we’re engaged in all kinds of superficial activity.
“The young are glued to their cell phones!”
goes the accusation.
“They are wasting their precious time!”

Well, all of us do plenty of time-wasting
when we’re online
and it’s really not caused by the internet.
Each of us chooses where we go online
and what we do there.

A question

Yes, we go where we want.
But what do we want?
Let’s ask ourselves, as they ask each other
in the song Shallow:

Tell me something, girl
Are you happy in this modern world?
Or do you need more?
Is there something else you’re searchin’ for?

Tell me something, boy
Aren’t you tired trying to fill that void?
Or do you need more?
Ain’t it hard keeping it so hardcore?

How do you answer that question?
Is there something else you’re searching for?
Do you want to grow into a deeper human being
so you can find
what you are searching for?

How can we develop our mind and soul to a deeper level?