where a man can build his strength and freedom

What unique capability do you have that people want and need?

A coin rests in grass, representing that you can discover your unique capability that people want and need and will pay for.

Maybe you think you have no unique capability!
Nothing you are able to do that other people want and need.
Certainly nothing they would pay for!
And yet, if you look around you,
you will see tons of everyday people right now,
putting forward their unique capability on the internet.
And making a good living.

What does this mean?
It means having a degree
is no longer necessary to make it in this world.
Yes, for the professions further education is still required.
But with a high school diploma you too can become a winner.
You can learn most of what you need to know via the internet.

How do you move in the direction of self made success?

You begin by asking yourself: What have I GOT???
The key is to discover your own unique capability.
That discovery will open the door to making a good living.
Shall we begin your exploration?
Let’s DO this!

OK. I’ll go first.

What have I GOT???
I have a gift with words.
I am able to comfort, strengthen and inspire a person with my words.
I love to do so.
I do it all day long every day, and never get tired of it.

So, in addition to my websites the golden garage and the golden salon,
I’m currently creating online courses to teach you how to solve the problems
you tell me are holding you back from strength and freedom.
By delivering solutions to you, I will create value and make my living doing so.

Let me tell you about my son’s capability

I noticed when my son was just a kid that he did not like hard work.
Not that any kid does, but he had a particular talent for avoiding it.
I was concerned. I confess that I thought he was lazy.
HA. Was I ever wrong! It had nothing to do with laziness.

It was that he saw how unnecessary most of the hard part of work really is!
And he had no intention of wasting his precious time and energy on it.

Fast forward a few decades–
Companies now pay this kid big bucks to show them
how to run their businesses more efficiently.
He can walk into a company, look around,
and see all the ways they are wasting their money and their energies.
He can streamline any operation, and teach a team how to do it the easiest fastest way.

Lazy kid, huh?
Nope, a kid with a unique capability:
He sees how to do things with the least effort!

Look what he did with that capability.
Travels all around the country in style. And does it with ease.

Over to you

So, what do you know how to do?
What is the unique capability that is going to be the foundation of your success?

“I HAVE NO IDEA!!!” you say back to me.
But I bet I know some people who DO.
“WHO?!” you challenge me.
Your friends! I challenge back.
They know you better than you know yourself.
So let’s ask them, I say.

We’ll get some funny answers,
but there will be clues in what they tell us.

The wisdom of your friends

So, today I have gathered a bunch of your friends together.
Actually, I gathered three different bunches to give examples of what you might hear.

The first bunch is sitting right here, ready for action.
I point to you, and I ask them:
What would you pay this dude to do for you?”
Bunch #1:
“Lord, we’d pay him to get us out of trouble! He can persuade ANYONE he is innocent.
We have heard him. He’ll be standing in the kitchen after he made a horrible mess, and
his Mom is ready to kill him, and all he does is talk to her about how all he was trying to
do was make dinner for her because she shouldn’t have to do it all the time…
And next thing you know, she is hugging him and calling him her prince!!!
We’d pay him big bucks to do that for us!”

Looks like this young man has the capability to talk under pressure!
And he is highly persuasive!
He could be successful in law, politics, negotiations or sales.
He could sell products or provide direct problem-solving consultation services online.

I ask the next group of friends:
What would you pay this dude to do for you?”
Bunch #2:
“ We’d pay him to teach us how to dress!” He ALWAYS looks sharp. He knows where to find high
quality clothes for low prices. He really knows how to put together an outfit that has
original style and looks like it was made just for him. He isn’t afraid of color,
but never overdoes it. He makes having style look effortless. Claims it’s easy and fun.
“Oh, we would for sure pay him to show us how to dress!”

So here we have a young man with the capability to be creative in affordable fashion.
Could he be a successful stylist? You better believe it.
He could make a good living selling his fashion consultation services online.

I ask the third group of friends:
What would you pay this dude to do for you?”
Bunch #3:
“We’d pay him to cook our meals! When we go over to his place to watch the game,
we see him go out in the kitchen before the game and start throwing stuff together.
Half hour later he’s laid out a whole table full of awesome food, and he calls us to dig in.
He never broke a sweat. Claims it’s easy! We’d pay him to teach us to cook like that!”

This young man has the capability to create delicious food in no time!
If he puts what he knows into a video course, he could sell it online for a good living.

Do you get the idea here?
These dudes are just regular guys.
Just guys who can DO something.
And their friends have a pretty good idea what their winning capability is, don’t they?

So, how about gathering the wisdom of your friends?
Go ahead.
Get up your nerve.
Try asking just one friend (start with the kindest one):
If you were going to pay me to do something for you, what would it be?”

See what you can learn about yourself.
Asking the first friend will give you the nerve to ask the others.

Three questions you can ask yourself

In addition to hearing from your friends, you can ask yourself:
What do I love to do –that I would never get tired of doing?
Whose lives have I already served or improved by doing what I love to do?
Who could I imagine would pay me to do this?

See if you can create an ideal day for yourself, where you are doing it.
Dream it up and write it down.
A day where you love to get up in the morning because you get to do what you love.
You get to serve others with your unique capability.

You DO have one! I promise you.
And you can build a happy and successful life with it.


What do you think will be the best part of your ideal day?

I would love to hear.

Write me!

Dr. Hall