where a man can build his strength and freedom

How can we work together to strengthen our democracy?

Photo shows a view of the first words of the US Constitution:   We the People. These words define our democracy.

We like to think that the biggest danger to our democracy is that person over there
(fill in the blank) whose words and actions weaken or threaten our freedom.

We put different names in that blank as times change and as our views change.

Our Presidents: Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump, Biden…
our governors…
our members of Congress…

We rail with self righteous indignation against whomever we despise the most.

It’s our national pastime

We don’t even call them leaders anymore.

They’re just ”politicians” (said with contempt.)

The one name we never put in that blank is OUR name.

US???? you exclaim.

You are going to blame US for the weakness of our democracy?

No, it’s not about laying blame.

It’s about taking responsibility.

Why do we put all the responsibility on our leaders?

What about us?

When are we going to take our share?

Maybe you already do.

If so, you have my respect.

But if not–are you willing to start?

Let’s DO this!

Our election outcomes

As you well know, our country is deeply divided about the outcome of the 2020 election.

Unfortunately, the outcomes of the 2022 and 2024 elections
may tear us apart even worse
unless decisive steps are taken to ensure their integrity.

This is not a partisan discussion.

I am speaking to both sides here.

I support the Constitution.

I am equally committed to the integrity of the voting outcome of all parties.

Actions of concern are underway

This week I am reading about political actions currently underway in our country
that could make it possible for one party or the other
to control the outcome of our elections,
before and/or after the vote.


If either party succeeds in such efforts, we will no longer have a democracy.

So far, each side wants to stop the other side
from putting in place a means of control.

But both sides also want to win.

What about laws to make control of our election outcomes
impossible by any party or by any leader!

Isn’t that what all of us need?

We the people

But who will make sure such laws are enacted?

That’s where you and I come in.

It’s going to take a whole lot of reasonable citizens of good will,
members of both parties as well as independents,
to do this.

WE are the ones who need to stand up and insist on such laws!

We have more power than we think.

Why not use it for the common good?

Calling both sides now: the red and the blue

No matter which side of the aisle we see the threat coming from–

No matter which leaders we believe have let us down–

Let’s pull it together, folks.

Let’s protect our shared democracy.


Do you feel like contributing to these efforts?

If so, there are a number of bipartisan organizations out there
devoted to election integrity and the common good.

Some I know of: Country First, Principle First, States United Action, Stand Up Republic.

If none of these appeal to you, there are many others.

Go ahead. Research them carefully.

Find one whose program you respect, and lend a hand.

You will be a builder,
at a time when builders are exactly what we need!

Dr. Hall