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How do we honor the men who fought and died for us on D Day?

To honor the men of D Day, a photo shows the cliffs, the ocean, and a beach where the men landed.

June 6 has come and gone, but this year it is staying with me.
Here we see one of the beaches where our men landed.

What hit me and has kept me awake at night was an article in The Atlantic.

It said that the landing on Omaha Beach was way worse than we thought.

Newly available eye witness accounts have revealed the excruciating reality.

Some time when you are ready to experience what they went through:

Meanwhile, just know that our brave young men suffered horribly as they landed.
Thousands drowned or were blown to pieces before they even got to the beach.

Led by a hero, the surviving men made it to the cliff and climbed.
They took out the German machine gunners then fought their way into France.
They succeeded in launching the beginning of the end of Hitler.

Why did all these brave young men give all they had to this mission?

Their blood. Their guts. Their souls.

It must have been love.

A band of brothers,
they loved freedom so much
that they were willing to die for it.

They were willing to die
to end Hitler’s murderous conquest of the world.

If they had not stormed that beach,
you and I would be living under Nazi rule today.

How can we ever thank them?

How will we honor them in our own lives?

Each of us must ask ourselves this.

Are you willing?

Let’s DO this!

Just a little notice of a meeting

Whenever I learn about a situation of suffering, the first place my mind goes is:
How could this have been prevented?

When I read about the suffering of our men on D Day, I want to know:
What caused this terrible suffering?

Answering that question takes me to the rise of Hitler.
I have spent a lot of time looking into how the Nazi movement in Germany developed.

One day I remember coming across a page of a German newspaper from the 1930’s,
that had been translated into English.

It was just a page of ads and notices of current things going on in the neighborhood.
Just like any such ordinary page of a small town American newspaper.

But there, nestled between bingo night and the antique auction,
was a little notice of a meeting to be held that Friday evening in the community hall.
At the bottom of the invitation was “National Socialist Party.”

That is how it all began

Just a little meeting.

A little meeting where some murderous ideas
were introduced to the town folk.

Just one little cancer cell of these ideas.

But nobody stopped it.

The ideas metastasized into a movement of worldwide dictatorship.

Years later, it took the lives of millions of freedom loving people to defeat it.

Let us honor our men through prevention

When I read about our men dying on the beaches on D Day, I ask:

How can we prevent the development of malignant idea
like those that eventually made that landing necessary?

Looks like we need to ask ourselves:

What is a malignant idea?

I have spent my whole life working to answer that question.

Let me offer you a few thoughts.

Malignant ideas are paranoid.

They are black and white.

Extreme. Not moderate. Not centrist in any way.

To a malignant thinker, there IS no common ground.

Everything is THE WAY I SEE IT or it is WRONG.

Do you know anyone like that?

They LOVE to post angry, negative judgments of other people’s views.

Makes them feel superior.

The malignant idea is that We Ourselves are Pure and Correct
and some Other sinister force is Evil and Incorrect.

Malignancy of the right and left

Hitler and the Nazi Party seduced the German people into seeing themselves as Pure
and the Jews as evil bloodsucking vermin who must be destroyed.

Lenin and the Communist Party seduced the Russian people
with the malignant Marxist idea that The Glorious Workers of the World are Pure
and the owners of businesses are evil capitalist bloodsuckers who must to be destroyed.

Malignancy of the right and the left are made of the same extreme judgment.

It is all paranoid horse manure.

So what do we do now?

Our men achieved victory over Hitler and saved our free and democratic country.

Now it is up to us as individual citizens to protect and defend or precious freedom.

We must never join a herd yelling “Crucify them!”

We will think for ourselves.

We will develop our own perspectives, and always stay open to new insight!

Never turn our brain over to any leader—
Democrat or Republican, or any other party.

Let’s remember that all political leaders have strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s admire and support the constructive actions our President takes
but object strongly and refuse to support any destructive ideas.

Yes, I am speaking of ALL our Presidents.

Nobody gets a pass, just because they are our favorite.

ALL must uphold the Constitution
and ALL must honor their Oath of Office.

This is how we honor our men who fought and died for us

We honor them by preventing the malignancy that causes war.

In our own country and elsewhere.

We stand up to sick ideas BEFORE they take hold and spread.

Yes, this is how we honor the men who suffered and died on those bloody beaches.

We make sure our young men never have to do it again.


Is there something about D Day that particularly moves you?

I hope you will write and tell me!

Dr. Hall