where a man can build his strength and freedom

Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees

Photo shows gentle streams of white light breaking between dark trees inside of a forest at dawn.

When I look at this beautiful country we live in
I see a huge forest full of all kinds of trees…
Each of us doing our best to live
in the midst of it
and to make sense of it all.

We all know we are facing serious threats
to our democracy.
But we don’t agree on what they are.
We are scared,
and we blame each other.
We vent our anger
online and upon our neighbor
rather than unite to deal with the danger.

Some of us are so enraged
we are ready and willing
to chop down all the trees.
Others of us are so concerned
we devote ourselves to finding solutions
that build us stronger and prevent our destruction.

Seeking solutions is what we have been doing together
here at the golden garage and the golden salon.
We have been looking together
at how we can become stronger and more free,
as individuals and as a country.

Thank you for your generous responses to my posts
Your thoughtful and insightful responses to my ideas
show me we have the spirit and the will to prevail.
I am full of hope.

I believe that together we can save our beautiful forest.
Together we will cherish and protect our beloved America,
thankful for the gift from God and our Founders that it is.
I will continue to stand by you
and assist you to overcome whatever obstacles
are in the way of your freedom and your happiness.

I will continue to offer solutions
that assist all of us to overcome destructive forces
in ourselves and in our country.
Let us continue to develop ourselves
to our full potential in all dimensions of life.
Let us grow in grace and wisdom,
in gratitude and forgiveness,
and joyfully make our contributions to freedom.

Together with all our constructive fellow citizens
we will protect and strengthen our democracy
and bring about a new birth of freedom.

Dr. Hall