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Do you want to have life changing experiences?

Opening the right door can be life changing. The photo shows a beautiful periwinkle-colored door to a home, with lovely pink flowers growing around the entrance way.

When was the last time you had a life changing experience?
What does that even mean?

Our language is now so exaggerated that we call a sandwich amazing!”
A child spells “cat” or draws a circle for the sun, and we say you’re awesome!!!”
Every concert is mind blowing,”
every trip freaking unreal,”
every celebrity burning hot!!!!”

Do we even recognize when we have an experience
that is truly powerful?
So powerful that it changes our life?

Do we still know when something happens
that opens the door to more life?

Some examples of the door opening

As you think back and ask yourself:
When was the last time I had a life changing experience?
allow me to offer some possibilities:

–Someone you trust and admire told you
that you are really good at something.
They encouraged you to pursue it.
You did, and are now happy doing it.

–You read a book or heard a sermon or watched a movie
that gave you a vision of life that deeply inspired you.
It expressed the ideals and principles
that you now embrace for your own life.

–You found your teacher–
the one you trust to teach you what you need to know
to achieve what you are seeking to achieve in life.

–Someone explained to you the cause
of a serious problem you have had for a long time,
and provided you with a solution that worked.

–You joined forces with a person you love
with whom you have established a catalytic relationship,
and your relationship is showing very high potential for mutual growth.

–You had an experience which caused you to become free of a fear
that had long impeded your life journey,
and you are now moving forward with confidence.

What if doors like these have not yet opened for you?

You may be reading these examples and thinking:
Wow, I sure wish those things would happen to me one of these days…

If that is what you are thinking,
I am sorry to have to tell you
that most of these things will not just happen to you.
If you wait until they do,
you may be waiting your whole life.

You actually have to muster the courage
to go out in the world and FIND them!

FIND the mentor
find the writer
find the teacher
find the partner
find the therapist

Find them and receive what they have to give you!
Find them and connect with them.
Receive and connect and build with them:
that is what it takes.

It takes being hungry for life changing experiences.
Then it takes summoning yourself to take action.

You go out in the world
and make your life changing experiences happen.

You find the right door, and you open it.
Doing so, you find yourself joyfully alive.

Has anyone given you permission?
You have it now.

Dr. Hall