where a man can build his strength and freedom

How can I begin to figure out my mind?

Curious kitten appears to be deep in thought as if trying to figure out its mind.

If you are curious to understand yourself a little better than you do
now, I’m happy for you. 
Any insight you gain into your own mind will strengthen you.
It will serve to build the foundation of your freedom. 
Our mind does not come with a manual, so we need to explore it!

The song Shallow talks about diving in to the deep end, but I say we
just start with a little wade. How does that sound to you?
So let’s just ask one basic question:
What sort of personality do you have?

Your personality

Your personality is a kind of lens. Like a pair of glasses.
You see the world through your personality.
People view the world in very different ways, but tend to assume
everyone else is looking through the same lens they are.

They may not understand why this other person needs to talk first
before taking action, when they just want to get things done.
Or they may wonder “Why does he keep dwelling on the emotional
considerations of every decision, instead of just evaluating the facts?” 
Or “Why does she want to just stay home and read a book rather than 
go to the party with me???”

People and their different ways frustrate us until we can accept that
others are—other. They are not looking through the same glasses!

But never mind all of them
Let’s get back to the question:
What kind of personality do YOU have? And how can you figure it out?

A rare bird

When I was little, I was very, very different from all the other children.
And I knew it.
I simply did not fit.

I was so different I figured I was one of two things:
I was either a lunatic or a genius.

Can you imagine how crestfallen I was to discover, years later,
that I was neither ???
Just a highly intelligent, overly sensitive girl with the rarest of all the
personality types: INFJ.
Only one in a hundred people are this type. No wonder I didn’t fit!

If it turns out that you, too, are a rare bird, you know how this feels 🙂

So let’s have some fun with this

Let’s actually find out what personality type you are!
One of the classic assessment tools is the Myers Briggs Type Inventory
(MBTI.) It identifies 16 personality types. My type — INFJ — is one of them.

I have found these types to be highly accurate, and essential for
understanding myself and others.
The classic version of the test is done with an expert, for a fee. 
However, there are many online sites where you can take a quick version
of the assessment for free.

I just went here:
Free Personality Test

This version correctly identified me as an INFJ. And it gave me a clear and
insightful explanation of what that means.
I was quite impressed with the quality of the free profile provided.
If I were new to this test, this profile would certainly have made a major
contribution to my efforts to figure myself out.

So why not give it a go!
Why not go right ahead, right now, and DO it!
Once you do, come on back with your type.
I’ll be waiting right here, to give you a cheer!

Free Personality Test


Congratulations! You did it!

I am guessing your head is spinning just a little…
Exploring your personality like this may be a new experience for you.
All of a sudden, somebody is providing you with a profile…
and claiming that you have a certain kind of personality!

No, it’s not astrology…
It’s based on your own description of how you experience day-to-day life.
You are simply being told your answers fit within one of the 16 profiles.

Well, well, well. You may resist any such idea!
You have an independent mind. You are the decider here, not me.
But I am hoping that as you read your profile you felt a sense of
o my…that IS how I see things…”
o my…isn’t this fascinating…”

I hope some aspects of your nature became more understandable to you.
I hope you felt a door open.
I did, on the day I found out I have the INFJ personality type. I was learning
about type in the excellent book Do What You Are by Tieger and Barron.
Knowing my type allowed me to make sense of the way I approach life.

Why I am so driven to complete my chosen missions, why I am so emotional,
why the deepest toughest questions in life compel me to find the insight to
answer them, why I work so relentlessly to expand and apply what I discover.
Understanding my personality shed so much light on my best path forward.

Why will your type matter for you?

Because knowing how you relate to the world will assist you greatly
in finding YOUR own happy path in life.
Your type doesn’t tell you what your life dream IS.
But it allows you to understand how you can proceed most happily toward it.
Knowing your personality will help you reach whatever destination you set.

Being your ally here in the golden garage—offering you insight and ideas–
is an ideal path for me to live my dream, succeed, and be happy.
Because we INFJ’s are visionaries. We love to shed light! Create new paths!
If I am doing my job today, you have a little more light on your path now.


What was the hardest part about taking this step? What was the best part?

I hope you will write and tell me.

Dr. Hall