where a man can build his strength and freedom

What is freedom?

Rural wooden gate opening into a beautiful green meadow representing freedom on many levels

We usually speak of freedom in political terms. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion. These freedoms are written into our Constitution. Our political freedom was hard won. Each of us has the responsibility to protect and maintain it. We do this as we respectfully hear each others’ views and build our unity.

We also speak of spiritual freedom, which operates at the soul level. When the slaves sang spirituals, they were not free in political terms but they were expressing their spiritual freedom, and that kept their souls alive. This freedom, too, is hard won, but it gives us strength to move forward together on all levels.

We have yet to fully address, however, the freedom without which the other dimensions cannot be maintained.

Psychological freedom. Freedom within the mind itself.

Without it, people suffer continuously from self criticism, guilt, fear, rage. They victimize themselves and others. They kill and destroy.

Even those who achieve at the highest levels may see themselves as worthless failures and commit suicide.

Psychological freedom is perhaps the hardest won of all.

Building psychological freedom requires us to face ourselves. Ask why we do what we do. And don’t do what we need to.

Challenge ourselves to discover how we keep ourselves locked up.

Insights gained open many doors.

Dr. Hall