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Have you lost connection with other people?

An outstretched hand shows that we have lost our connection with others.

A lot of us these days have lost connection with others.
Maybe we’ve been working from home,
or taking online courses instead of going to classes in person.
Or maybe we just work all the time.

Maybe we haven’t been going to parties, or to church, or to other social events.
Maybe we stopped due to the pandemic, or due to work or school.
Or maybe we never did those things to begin with.
Maybe we’ve been staying home playing video games all along.
Eating, watching TV, and wandering around the internet.


Why are we living isolated lives?
Each of us has many reasons that we tell ourselves.
Some are true.
Some are lies.

And some are just darn good excuses.
(“I can’t do anything because I don’t have a partner”
is one of our favorites.)

Whatever our reasons,
the fact remains:
we are just not connected.
And things get kinda dull, and kinda lonely
when there is nothing going on
between us and the rest of the world!

If this is you, maybe you are ready for a little change.
Let’s see what we can do.

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