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How can I give my morale a little boost in the morning?

Man's boots that give your morale a little boost and say proudly "World, here I come!"

Asking how you can give yourself something
–even just a little lift to your spirits as you begin your day –is generous of you.
It shows you want to be good to yourself.
It also shows you taking responsibility for boosting your own morale,
rather than expecting someone else to do that for you.

Kick start

We would all be glad for a little kick start to our day, wouldn’t we?
Sometimes we already know that the day we are facing is not going to be fun.
So what can we do that’s quick and easy, besides having a great cup of coffee?

A simple shift of direction

I got this one from my grandfather, who was a Colonel in the Army.
My Daddy followed his example and did this every day.
I took up on it, too. Still do it. Can’t do otherwise!

It’s funny because it’s so simple.
How can something so simple change your view of yourself?
Haha it literally turns your head right around. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Let me ask you this…

Have you ever gone into a room where everyone takes off their boots?
Maybe at the gym?
They line ’em up all along the wall, right?
Dozens of pairs.
And what direction are their boots pointing?
I’ll bet you money every last one is pointing straight into the wall.

AH, yes!

And now tell me this: Do you find that an inspiring sight?
I didn’t think so.
It’s Dead End City, isn’t it.

Just look at all those cowering boots!
All facing the wall.
All hiding away from the world.
Looks like one big, long lineup of the down-trodden and defeated.
All you see is run down heels, scuffy and dirty.

Man, those boots have hit the wall.
They’re not going ANYWHERE.

OK. So what about YOU?

Go ahead. Be different!
Go right now and get your own boots.
Bring ’em over here.
Look at them closely.

They may be old. That’s OK.
If you can’t afford new ones right now, that is OK, but make it a goal.
If you can afford them, buy them now. Or at least new heels.

Do they need cleaning, buffing, shining?
Do it. It will only take a few minutes.

Now, the decisive moment has arrived

Turn your boots around.
Place them with their heels against the wall and their toes pointing out into the world!
Take a good long look.
Those are your beautiful brave boots.
Glorious sight, right?

THESE are the boots you are going to put on every morning.

They are not the boots of a downtrodden beaten man!
These are the boots of a man who stands up proudly in the morning and declares β€œWorld, here I come!”

There. You did it.

I’m proud of you!
So from now on, every night before you tuck in, you check out your boots.
Once you have them shipshape and ready to go you will have already made sure that when you get up tomorrow morning
and see your beautiful boots primed for action–
all set to stride into your new day–
you will experience that little boost in your morale that you wanted to give yourself!
As you put them on and stand tall, you will feel more ready to face whatever it is that you must face.


What did you feel as you did this? Write and tell me!