where a man can build his strength and freedom

What would you do if someone came to your emotional rescue?

The picture shows a mother holding a little boy  who seems to be in emotional distress.

Maybe you have no need of rescue today!
But the news is full of surveys that say that emotional distress
in the young is off the charts these days.

let’s imagine you are one of those in pain.
What would you consider a genuine emotional rescue?
Would you know one if you saw it?

My analyst used to say that all therapists soon discover
that many clients come in desperately seeking assistance
but when you throw them a life buoy
they turn their back and continue yelling “Help!”

So let’s see what happens here.
I will toss you a life buoy.
You tell me if it’s a keeper!
Do we have a deal?

Relationships are central

I am guessing that whatever distress you may be experiencing
(now, or at other times)
has something to do with your relationships with others.
Our relationships are central to our health and happiness,
so if they are hurting we are hurting.

But what causes painful relationships?
I am going to toss you a way of looking at your relationships
that will lead you forward toward health and freedom.

I will begin with a question I want you to ask yourself:
What is the most important relationship in my whole life?