where a man can build his strength and freedom

Why do we need to understand our own mind?

Curious kitten appears to be deep in thought as if trying to figure out its mind.

Some of us like to look inside ourselves.
Some of us definitely don’t!

What about you?
Is your mind a foreign country
you’d rather never set foot in?
Or is it familiar turf?

Some of us have tried venturing in there, 
but were scared by what we saw. 
If you have had a frightening experience of this kind
let me assure you that everyone’s insides are scary!
Mine, yours, and everyone else’s.
Even Mother Theresa’s.

Every single one of us has a mind that contains
unhealthy and destructive elements.
We all have nightmares 
we are glad we don’t remember.
Some of us live our nightmares in waking hours.
Fortunately, we all also contain healthy and constructive forces.

The vital question is: 
What is the balance of power 
between our healthy and unhealthy forces?

That balance determines our psychological well being.
As long as our constructive forces maintain the upper hand,
our lives can proceed in a healthy direction.
But if the destructive forces begin running the show,
we are in deep trouble.

The work of therapy

All my work as a therapist is aimed
at strengthening each individual’s constructive forces
and blitzing the destructive ones.
I teach how to launch pre-emptive strikes 
against the lies and attacks coming from within.

Therapy isn’t easy.
It takes courage for any one of us 
to look inside our mind,
and see how the battle is unfolding.
But when we do,
we gain insight into how to fight more effectively.
We learn how to make sure our constructive side wins the war.
Fighting effectively 
Is what allows us to begin setting ourselves free 
from self inflicted suffering.

It takes time

Understanding our own mind takes time.
We may need a therapist to assist us in person

What I do on this website is offer you basic steps
you can take on your own.
Right here, right now! 
to begin to build 
your understanding of your own mind.

The steps I offer you here are introductory,
and hopefully enjoyable.
Each is simply a way for you 
to get to know yourself better.

How can I begin to figure out my mind?