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What does a grateful heart sound like?

The picture shows written pages formed in a heart shape and glowing from the light of a candle reminding us that we are blessed and should be grateful.

Do you know someone who has a grateful heart?
A person who doesn’t take things for granted.
Who doesn’t feel entitled.
Who actually notices and is thankful for
the goodness they receive in this world?

Yes, it may take you a few minutes to think of such a person.
They are rare.
And they are treasure.

An online blessing

Several months ago, I had the good fortune to meet a Veteran named Billy.
We both subscribe to an online Substack community–
Matt Labash’s Slack Tide–
where we read and comment on this excellent writer’s essays.

A recent essay was a lovely tribute to the front porch
as the place where our families and our dogs and our neighbors
hang out and stay close to one another
amid the beauty of the sunsets and changing seasons of life.

Billy wrote a long comment beginning “Ah the porch.”
He went on to describe in loving detail his favorite childhood porches
and the cherished times he had spent there with his dearest people.

He closed with:
I have the fondest memories of my childhood and young adulthood
on those 2 porches…
I want to thank Uncle John and Aunt Hallie
for all of the best memories on those porches.

I was deeply touched by his loving words.
I wrote back:
such a beautiful tribute Billy
how tenderly you honor
your beloved family

He replied:
Deb thanks.
It is not hard to honor those that love and loved unconditionally.
I have said this before and I will continue to say it until my last breath
“I have been blessed and am the luckiest man in this world”

I replied:
O yes Billy
you are the luckiest man in this world
because you actually realize
how you have been blessed

I would like to be more like Billy.
Wouldn’t you?

How can I become a more grateful person?